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Posted by Colin Hill on Jun 25, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Our healthcare system’s one-size-fits-all approach fails patients and leads to billions of dollars in wasteful spending each year. Until recently, it was the best we could do. Today we can -- and must -- do much better.

Since 2000, GNS has been at the forefront of a movement called “precision medicine,” applying big data analytics and machine learning technologies to solve the most complex, most costly, and most persistent challenges in healthcare.

With precision medicine, we can know with certainty, in advance, which intervention will be most effective for an individual -- which medication, which care management program, which preventive care service, and many other types of interventions. We can optimize population health investments, such as those to improve medication adherence, to deliver a positive ROI, and to do so consistently. We can give patients and physicians confidence in their selection of treatment protocols. We can point researchers to the most likely therapeutic targets to speed drug discovery and development.

Applying big data analytics and machine learning technologies to solve the challenges of our healthcare system is like turning on the lights. It changes everything: Type 2 diabetes is prevented; chronic conditions are managed closer to goal; premature births are prevented; cancer treatments are more effective and less costly. And billions of dollars in wasteful spending is avoided.

The GNS Healthcare blog will reveal how big data analytics and machine learning technologies are personalizing medicine and population health strategies, how they are enabling personalized treatment protocols, and informing pharmaceutical research. We’ll tell you about innovative applications of big data analytics and machine learning technologies by health plans, biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, patient-led groups, and others. We’ll share relevant news, research and insights from GNS and a range of other organizations and thought leaders. We’ll track how patients are benefitting from the precision big data analytics brings to care management.

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