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What Amazon and Google Can Teach Care Management

Bruce ChurchSeptember 21, 2015

What if we could predict which expectant mothers are going to have a preterm birth? Or which members are going to end up in the hospital if they don’t take their medications?...

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Topics: Precision Medicine, Population Health, Machine Learning, Preterm Birth, Interventions, Care Management, Value Based Analytics, prescription medication

Welcome to the GNS Healthcare Blog

Colin HillJune 25, 2015

Our healthcare system’s one-size-fits-all approach fails patients and leads to billions of dollars in wasteful spending each year. Until recently, it was the best we could do....

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Topics: Precision Medicine, Pop Health, Population Health, Type 2 Diabetes, Machine Learning, Cancer Treatment, Premature Births, Metabolic Syndrome, Preterm Birth, Big Data

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