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By December 31, 1969

Successful Use of AI in Real-World Drug Discovery? It’s All About the Data

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." With the surge of healthcare data we have a great opportunity healthcare in a way not seen before. But, it is well known that using flawed data produces unreliable outputs.  Given the breadth and depth of data that grows daily and the power of  artificial  intelligence (AI) – how do we leverage both to impact how drugs are discovered and developed?

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ASCO, BIO, Forum...Oh My!

Spring is the season of renewal, growth and new beginnings. It is also the time when the healthcare community gets together at key conferences to exchange ideas, findings and results. This year is no different with three major gatherings scheduled for May and June. Discussion of oncology and artificial intelligence are high on the agendas of all three events. Here's a rundown of what to look out for.

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Celebrating Memorial Day - How Healthcare Has Evolved Both On and Off the Battlefield

Memorial Day, the day that honors the men and women who died while serving in the military, traces its roots to the Civil War.  The Civil War claimed more American lives than any other war, prompting the creation of the first national cemeteries. Shortly after, cities and towns across America began honoring the fallen by laying flowers and holding ceremonies at these cemeteries during the spring.  As we honor those who gave their lives, we thought we would take a look back at the past 150 years to see how healthcare has evolved to better care for the military and those they protect.

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Revisiting 2018 Healthcare Predictions: 5 That Got It Right

The new year has just begun and the flurry of predictions for 2019 are popping up everywhere. Healthcare thought leaders have joined in offering their forecasts and ruminations around what we can expect over the next 12 months. We did the same and asked prominent thought leaders to offer their opinions in our prediction post earlier this year.

But what about the predictions made a year ago? How did the 2018 predictions actually turn out and what will continue into 2019? 

We took a look back to see what we could find. As expected, there were hits and misses but there were five that were on...

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2019: The Year AI Becomes Mainstream in Healthcare


If “following the money” is the quickest path to the root of a trend, then 2019 promises to be the year artificial intelligence takes center stage in the healthcare industry.

By 2024, AI in the U.S. healthcare market is set to exceed $10 billion according to a recent Global Market Insights report.[1] As nearly eight out of ten healthcare executives who responded to a recent cross-industry survey said their organizations are ramping up investments in big data analytics and AI, it should come as no surprise that the market is truly ramping up.[2] Nearly 80 healthcare AI startups raised...

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